As i stride the chill streets of leeds i think of a thousand pointless things you may all be interested in knowing. The height of a jackal for example? How curvy is curvilinear space? Why am i incapable of posting 2 images a month at sensible equidistant points in the month? When will i do the next comic (barring extreme circumstances the answer to this is always going to be “end of april and end of october”)? And yet as soon as i get here fwooomf! not a sausage.


there’s another one of the issue#5 strips up here

a couple of months back i was asked to submit something to the mighty jamie smart’s new anthology of rubbish fat chunk. Judging by the line up it should be worthy addition to anyone’s bookshelf and i strongly recommend you to find a copy before he breaks your knees … with his bare hands they say … late last saturday i finally got my stuff for it finished and around about 6 o’clock today i started to feel a little less like a jolly plague ship.


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