“Several years ago, some asked me, “What does it take to become a really good Master?”

I remember a really good ‘short list’ of traits for being a good dominant.

1. You must clearly display the trappings, postures and gestures of dominance.
2. In moments of active rivalry, you must clearly threaten your subordinates aggressively.
3. In moments of physical challenge, you (or your subordinates) must be able to forcibly overpower your subordinates.
4. If a challenge involves brain rather than brawn, you must be able to outwit your subordinates.
5. You must be able to suppress squabbles between your subordinates.
6. You must reward your immediate subordinates by permitting them to enjoy the benefits of their high ranks.
7. You must protect the weaker members of your group from undue persecution.
8. You must make decisions concerning the social activities of your group.
9. You must reassure your extreme subordinates from time to time.
10. You must take the initiative in repelling the threats or attacks from outside your group.

The above list is from a book, “The Human Zoo” written by Desmond Morris. Morris had studied monkeys and chimpanzee in the wild. His book tries to draw parallels between humans and other animals on the planet.

I think that this list is a really good starting place for anyone who wishes to become a leader.”

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