right: exhibition’s up and running at
coffee, cake and kink
; fancy postcard/flyers are about to emerge from the printers; there’s a sketch from the Bristol Comics Expo
up on the fetishman website
; on the coming monday Heather, of London Fetish Fair fame, will be filming some footage of yours truly for a promotional short; for boardgame-y fun it’s a close call between playing Mavis’ URSUPPE and my copy of Risk which includes the fabulous hand-written mission card “CONQUER ANY 2 CONTINENTS (not including australia) AND PRESENT THIS CARD TO THE OTHER PLAYERS WHILST YOU ARE TOTALLY NAKED”. I reckon it’s only a matter of time before a) sexy OR b) gouging my eyes out trying to remove the image of Mavis nekkid. Buh.

Upcoming stuff:

now to 5th July – My exhibition “I can’t believe it’s not extreme pornography” at
coffee, cake and kink
. Yep, 3 weeks left comrades. See it! ’tis good! Raar!

Sunday July 13th – London Fetish Fair

(and maybe) Sunday July 20th – Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar



ps/ and yeah, one day i’ll catch up with keef again. one day …

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