“… and, armed with a natty new retailling catchphrase, geof set out on his quest to reclaim the space in his room that was given over to boxes and boxes of comics.”

yep, so issue 5 of fetishman is now available at the online shop! woot!

and a question – shall i hire a stall at an upcoming comics convention and flog comics there? i doubt i’ll make back enough on the day(s) to cover the cost of teh stall, a place to stay (i don’t currently remember knowing anyone in birmingham i can impose on) and the train fare, but the exposure will probably be invaluable. any thoughts? the stall could do with a little more work but is basically there, so that’s not a worry, but then i’m supposed to have an exhibiton in london around that time too. gah. may just have to bite the bullet and go for it.

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