following months of ceaseless toil and the sacrifice of many wannabe-innocents, fetishman#2 “the breast issue” finally exists!

the printers reckon it’ll be ready by midday tomorrow (unless they were april fooling me. swine! they will pay for their etc. etc. etc.) and then it’s simply a question of finding a way of getting it to you lot. *cue laughter of the non-maniacal kind*. fingers crossed there will be an online shop in the next decade, in the mean time it’s the usual outlets like travelling man, and when i get down to london, also at cck and gosh. add that to the on-going site re-engineering and you should count yourself as very lucky people. count! count gods damn you! i commands it!

ps/ cheers to the latex link page and my apologies to all those who came here, from there, seeking porn.

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