right. teh geof birthday is imminent, and thus pledges of fealty are due for another year.

flanked as it is by one thousand OTHER birthdays (of little or no significance) i am making the plan both easy and simple and in most parts affordable. thus, to bring bountiful crops for another year you bastards:

item 1 – the 15th of febr’y (the tuesday after valentines day, no, you have nothing planned)
item 2 – commencing YORK, all other plans are fleeting
item 2 – the BREWERY, after work (for yooo, not work for meeee – i will naturally be terrifying people with displays of my god-like birthday-induced self-belief for most of the day … it happens) apres 5ish but they’ll kick us out by half 7. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT BIT, YOU CAN BUNK OFF THE REST BUT IF YOU MISS THIS I WEEEELLL KEEEELLLL YOOOOO.
item 4 – next JUMBO – me? go to a chinese bufffet? who’d have thought it.
item 5 – next AYCKHORNE? LEEDS? ZIGGIES? all of the above? i don’t care. i am a fickle god and may just decide it all on the fly.

all pledges of allegiance are welcome, grovelling apologies will be treated with suitable disdain, no the brewery isn’t far from the station, and, as your god, i will be passing judgement on all matters brought before me in a trisha-meets-azrael kind of a way.

xxx geof

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