The charming (and talented, but that's another story) Phil once joked that I was rapidly becoming a cartoon version of myself. At least I think he joked. Either way I figured it would be no bad thing if I got more nuns out of it.

So anyway, and then the delightful Mr Kit Cox proceeded to render me into a wholly fictional form as a part of his "Jack Union 1885" twitter story!

Kit, the man for him I first drew an air kraken (the "kill your velocity" warning poster is also a portrait of Kit, if somewhat small) has made a surprisingly accurate description of my dream abode/workshop. The question now is whether I should elope with him or torture him in an attempt to discover how he managed to pilfer the Top Secret plans for "Operation: Awesomeness".

If you find Kit's work amusing then I'm pleased to say it's not long now before Kit's "How to Bag a Jabberwock" book is released
for which there is even a launch down in Brighton at the end of may!

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