So yes, I did vanish for a while there, sorry about that, it's taken a couple of months but I seem to have finally established a defensive cordon around the too-busy-to-draw-stuff problem from where I can make some surgical strikes to eradicate it utterly

… or, for larks, run away screaming, hide in a barn, meet David Essex, kill a priest, scream some more and then generally wait for microbes to sort it all out for me. Not a great plan I'll grant thee but why not stick to tried and tested methods eh?

So what have I been up to? I can't bear the word "networking" as I can't "network" to save my life (the high point of my "networking" skills was to ask one of the UKs leading physicists if they had any job. classy me.) but what I can do is drink lots of tea and chat over said tea and there has been a hundred fold of that. For example, if you'd not noticed me and the ever wondrous Steve Bobcat have started up the Leeds Steampunk Market events (which do indeed do exactly what they say on the tin). I'll go into more detail another time but suffice it to say good stuff is afoot.

April is full of event-ness but right now I shall be urging you to "Come say hello!" at the Birmingham MCM Expo this weekend, and/or Eastercon/Olympus the weekend after. The Travelling Tea Museum will be displayed in all it's glory at Eastercon if you'd like to see it in the flesh, and with the re-issue of the First Tea Company Identity/Warrant Card I have kind of volunteered to render a thousand portraits. Oh, and the guest at MCM and Eastercon are amazing (memo to future Geof: please refrain from calling George RR Martin an "awesome mother fucker" to his face).

Birmingham MCM:
Eastercon (Heathrow):

in other news, tautology geof is tautology

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