Hello my lovelies! And this month I are mostly appearing in ~other~ publications!

First things first the fetishman valentine’s card is now available on the webshop:

anyways, yes, new comic on the site

And yes! Publications! Issue 71 of desire magazine ("erotic inspiration for men and women") boldly features the classic fetishman strip "the mean adventures of fetishman", and vol43.1 of the UK’s Forum magazine ("The international journal of human relations") has a very lovely review of issue 8! Weehee!

so, yes, that’s you guys suited and booted with cards and adult literature, anything else? probably, but that’ll have to be it for now.


No LFF on the 8th of feb! but definitely on the 8th march with the new awesome venue of awesome in heart of london:

From the 18th feb 2009 i’ll have an exhibition of various victorian-rude-etchings at SH! the women’s emporium on hoxton square!

28th march 2009 sees the return of god’s-own comics convention: the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is the UK Web and Mini Comix Thing! It’s always packed to bursting with the finest in small press you could wish for, and even the mighty Mavis has promised to join me that day!

after that, end of april is whitby, and the ascent of the ninth fetishman issue, start of may is bristol, and THEN PROBABLY SOME OTHER STUFF. pshaw, like i know.

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