apologies for the lack of news, been beavering away at things (and the good news is i have some good science employment through til october 2009! ~and~ the fetishman webface-lift is actually within my grasp … which is a relief as it’ll be easier to keep ticking over and the comics will publish automatically rather than between noon on thursday and about 4pm on friday if i’m really being forgetful) but as ever then comic has now spurted it’s weekly delivery onto the website

i am, it turns out, a receipt-hiding genius:
yep, i’m still slogging away with the fetishman accounts, which is partly my own fault because, in an attempt to get ahead of the game, i’m trying to update them from their last serious entry (february 2007) to the present day, a period of about 2 years. i also remember thinking to myself, some time about 2 years ago, that perhaps anally retentive accounting was less important than making comics, which is still true i might add but sets the scene neatly for the travesty before me.
Dear god, It’s like a kind of accounting-geology. in the past 2 days i’ve re-discovered the 5 different locations i’ve variously kept my paper receipts, another 6 where they were "awaiting filing", and then recalled the "late-resourceful period" when i decided that printing receipts out would be wasteful and scattered invoices and delivery notes across the four corners of my hardware solely in binary form.


anyhoo, things to know of:
LFF should be running on the 8th of feb, but as yet the location is a fabulous mystery! doubtless it will be a hoot – find me and i’ll have valentine’s cards on sale, promise!

From the 18th feb 2009 i’ll have an exhibition of various victorian-rude-etchings at SH! the women’s emporium on hoxton square!

28th march 2009 sees the return of god’s-own comics convention: the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is the UK Web and Mini Comix Thing! It’s always packed to bursting with the finest in small press you could wish for, and even the mighty Mavis has promised to join me that day!

after that, end of april is whitby, and the ascent of the ninth fetishman issue, start of may is bristol, and all the way through a plethora of LFF-ing.

anyway, back to the account-ercising


2 in the morning, and it’s now become more like the da vinci code. grrrr.

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