hello thar,

The summer rolls around like a big round rolling uniformly curved object (screw you second derivative! ellipses and acceleration are for amateurs! bah, i’m both drunk and full of maths! you takes your chance, pays the price … in a vacuum … with spherical horses … ) and it turns out that it’s a time for social things:

A while ago i met a man who goes by the internet name of moovok. He had run out of money for comics, but ingeniously bartered someone else’s comics for a (at that point) full set of the fetishman-ing. Not only that but he drew a personalised ninja-bunny sketch for fetishman … even though he isn’t the artist for ninja-bunny. Anyhoo, one of his projects is the guest strip project – an on-going charity-supporting web-comic where each episode is planned and doodled by a different artist. Naturally i contributed the word “cock” to the proceedings, so head over and revel:

guest strippery


the might of ninja bunnery


In a similar vein i’m declaring this september to be guest strip month! already confirmed are two artists i have admired for some time now, Boo and Chamonkee:

the boob and transformer drawing awesome that is the Boo


more stylised manga-y talent than you can fit in a rather large container of talent, Chamonkee


this month’s things:

cck may still be existing, if so i’m sure they’ll sell you stuff


this sunday you can catch me at the london fetish fair once more, naturally cake and tea will lure me faster but i’m sure it can’t be too difficult


Also, your cries have been heeded! i’m busy knocking up an introductory subscription-welcome pack of some description so that, with luck, next week i can throw it at the fetishman shop! Thus far i’m using paypal, but other sugestions can be accomodated if there’s a desire.


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