here’s a question for you, would any of you be up for some kind of fetishman subscription-deal thing?

I realise that the comic doesn’t distribute as widely as most publications (you just can’t get the trained delivery otters these days) so in an attempt to get your fresh steaming comic-ness to you, hot from the bi-annual oven, i was thinking that some of you might be up for some kind of subscription: in effect me posting it out every october and april, straight from the presses, along with some other crap like flyers and stickers and badges and that kind of rubbish as well as discounts on the other fetishman tat. for a fiver.

i know, i know, i’m too good to you.

My mate pat also sent me these and i thought i’d pass them on:

cakey and good!

the ikea players’ manual

Anyhoo, back to fetishman-y stuff …

Yes, it is true, Coffee, Cake and Kink are closing their doors this month. After an extended legal dispute with their landlord they’ve decided to retreat and re-group and so they’re vacating their Endell street premises some time in august. As such, my Extreme Pornography exhibition will be their last exhibition and will stay up until they stop trading, so get there and see it!

2nd August and Coffee, Cake & Kink will be taking a stall at Kinkfest, near Holborn tube

10th august i’m down in lahndahn again for the london fetish fair if you need comic-y goodness:


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