In the midst of doing the next comic: issue #7 “banned!”. It looks mighty fine thus far (if i say so myself). As it currently stands it is a hideous brew of star wars references and a rare excursion on my part into political commentary, notably the far-too-easy target that is the “extreme pornography” legislation in the current UK criminal justice and immigration bill. Anyhoo, this weeks web-strip is a sneak preview of one of the strips in the next issue.

The March 2008 UK Web and Mini Comix Thing was a hoot as ever! it was good to meet old friends and new: mister thing was often to be seen running about the building fixing and finalising; the fallen angel crew joined me in lamenting the lack of the Mavis, and i then joined them at the pub afterwards; i had the pleasure of being situated next to the amiable mrs vampire free style whose comics i may currently be engrossed in. As the day wore on i was graced with the presence of Ms D-. who brought me a further two flasks of tea, and thus i’m claiming it was all a mighty victory.

Anyhoo, stalls this month:
the Club Lash birthday do, Friday 11th April, Manchester
the London Fetish Fair, Sunday 13th April, London
the Whitby Goth Weekend (and the arrival of issue #7!), Friday 25th to Sunday 27th April, Whitby

Next month is the Bristol Comics Expo and a month long exhibition relating to the new comic and more fun-poking at the CJIB in Coffee Cake and Kink, but more of that another time.

laters kids,

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