Bah, much of issue 7 still to do, nvertheless i like it which is a good sign. it even has an ewok now. and a barcode. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! A FUCKING ISSN CODE! IT’S ALMOST LIKE IT’S A REAL PUBLICATION. fools. another preview is up on the site this week if you’re getting a giddy headrush of anticipation.

Anyhoo, stuff this month:
the Club Lash birthday do, Friday 11th April(tonight!), Manchester
the London Fetish Fair, Sunday 13th April, London
the Whitby Goth Weekend (and the arrival of issue 7!), Friday 25th to Sunday 27th April, Whitby

Next month is the Bristol Comics Expo and a month long exhibition relating to the new comic and more fun-poking at the CJIB in Coffee Cake and Kink, but the comic needs me for now, so i shall leave you eager for more news.
laters kids,

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