rumours of my demise have been greatly exagerrated. the Whitby Goth Weekend was a giggle, armed

as i was with the new issue of fetishman (now with added barcode! aaah! tis like legal or summat!), although i fell at the final

hurdle on wednesday by falling asleep instead of boozing more (that said i made it through the next 4 days remarkably well so points

to jim for that ingenious intervention). Wednesday was also good because the new t-shirts arrived just in time to attend whitby, and

there are now a plethora of persons gadding about in these tasty wears.

Egad the new comic is a lovely thing to behold, and also apparently a good basic guide to the issues surrounding the Extreme Porn

legislation i have been told? not my intention, i merely wished to carve hot comedy meats from the soft underbelly of politics and i

think it manages this admirably. Excerpts from this mighty tome are up on the website for

your viewing pleasure.

Anyhoo, dates for your diary, before i forget:

Bristol Comics Expo 9th – 11th May 2008

My Exhibition of Extreme Porn cartoons at CCK in London June 2008

so much more to say but frankly i think we would both rather that i slept



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