questions for you:

1) should i have a launch-thing for the june exhibition at coffee, cake and kink in london? thinking the evening of saturday the 7th june …

2) there’s a demo against the extreme porn legislation tomorrow at 5ish in parlimanet square – if anyone fancies burning fetishman comics in my stead i shall gladly shower them with issues of fetishman in excess of those incinerated
STOP PRESS: There will be a demo in Parliament Square at 4.45pm. This has official permission from Charing Cross Police.

Wednesday 7th May The British Library is at 96 Euston Road next to King’s Cross and St Pancras International stations, which are served by National Rail, First Capital Connect and London Underground. You can also use the Hammersmith and City, Piccadilly, Northern, Circle, District, Metropolitan and Victoria Underground Lines. Many bus services stop on Midland Road and Euston Road.

Any erotic book which contains an image you think may be illegal under the CJIB, of consenting adults engaging in an activity which is not illegal. eg from madonna’s book SEX

Food and drink in case we are apprehended from moving round, any medications you normally use. Bear in mind sometimes police cause people to be late home.
Material to make a placard or one you made at home… suggestions for slogans welcome.
A raincoat and plenty of warm clothes. It often rains on demos!!
Your mobile phone. and the willing to give out your real name and number so we dont lose you.
A small fire extinguisher if you own one.
A big friendly smile and your community spirit.

All adults who think that we should be able to view in private images of consensual legal adult fantasy play. All adults who believe that creating 2 million harmless criminals is just another exercise in the government picking on easy targets, whilst it struggles to track down those who are known to profit from abuse such as child porn makers.
Adults of all ages and backgrounds welcome, on an equal basis. Someone has volunteered to police liaison on the day who also uses British Sign Language.

This is a peaceful NON-violent civil disobedience. There will be no tolerance of aggressive, abusive or dangerous behavior.

Everyone in attendance needs to take responsibility for their actions, their own health and safety and mind everyone else’s. further information about this will be given on the day to anyone who turns up including a solicitors phone number in case anything goes wrong and they are arrested.

People to give out leaflets, people to talk to the press, people to stay back from the demo and be there to support. people to get more copies of leaflets if necessary at the last minute. people to write to MP’s and Lords while we are doing the action. People to phone us on the demo and update this forum. People to answer any articles which arise.

WE ARE AN INDEPENDENT NETWORK OF ORDINARY CITIZENS CONCERNED ABOUT THE CJIB and how it creates 2 million harmless criminals and allows police to investigate people who have never committed any offense. WHO’s in CHARGE…? Nobody – we’re all in charge of ourselves

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