i know, i know – it’s always comic, comic, comic in these posts and fuck all about what i’m actually doing:

well apart from being busy with the freelance comic-y illustration empire i’m also enjoying the freelance cycle couriering but i’ll be forced to trim my hours on that as i may well have wrangled some freelance science. Does having 3 different freelance jobs make me the most freelance person ever? if not it definitely amuses me that i can almost legitimately describe myself as a rogue scientist, but i’ll know more about that come the end of the month.

End of next week they’re going to operate on my hernia-thing again (i hesitate to call it a hernia as it’s quite wee and it usually isn’t a bother. The only concern i have is that the same thing’ll happen as last time and it’ll end up returning in a couple of months and a little bit bigger again – and in that vein my fingers are crossed for the “great hairy minion” as he shall now be known). The day after that is the wendyhouse 10th anniversary which bug’s DJing at. I may have to miss it but i’ll see how i’m doing on the day – i can’t really complain though as i got to attend a couple of the Torture Garden Birthday nights last weekend, courtesy of D-, so it can reasonably be said that i’ve had a more-than-fair share of shits and giggles this month. Photos may exist from the sunday of me looking like the villain from a pantomime-gone-awry and wearing sequinned troose.

Would you believe it if i told you that there was another comic up on the website? no, i suppose not. fair enough, worth a try. etc.

Future plans for you to make note of:

Bristol Comics Expo 9th – 11th May 2008! yes, i have comics fo you. Mwahahaha!

My Exhibition of Extreme Porn cartoons at CCK in London June 2008. Probably with some kind of launch night thing on the 7th.

laters mes amis,



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