The Bristol Small Press Expo 2009 was last weekend and I’m pleased to say it was a hoot and a half!

Okay, so ’tis a shame that Bristol had to split into two cons, but what the small press ended up with is a lovely little conference, especially considering it was pulled together in just the past 3 months, at a far-too-good-for-the-likes-of-us venue and with a bundle of fans kicking around who were actually quite interested in small press comics.

high points?

  • Mal who organised it, feckin’ god-like. Oh yeah, and she does my re-prints for issues 1 and 2.  And possibly a few issue 3 if  I need them to tide me over to the graphic novel. And maybe the graphic novel. And definitely the BEFF stuff when i get that wrapped. And for choosing boobs over booze.
  • Mavis selling comics to people. No single incidence rates higher than any other, it was god-like. At one point i’d swear he sold comics without resorting to the use of mere spoken language.
  • Tim being self-less driver monkey for the weekend.
  • Tim and I both being glowered at by Gilbert Shelton after we tried to buy comics from him …
  • Dancing to “99 red balloons”
  • Geek Syndicate because they’re a hoot
  • Sarah and vicky for putting up with us and us up

Yeah, we’ll be going to next years, so long as there’s cider we’re sorted



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