Yes, it has been a while since I molested your faces with pointless wittering (for which I can only apologise excessively and in a way that, whilst not my intention, may sound both passive-aggressive and very sarcastic – "I'm soooooooooooo sorry" – see? clearly there must be some kind of maximum quantity of apology anyone can deliver before they sound like they don't mean it, hmmm, I wonder if it has anything to do with the number of 'o's involved?). Anyway, in truth I actually wanted to be sincere for a second: it's only a couple of years ago that I once again tried to make this "drawing crap I like" thing my full-time career and I'm still really touched that you guys have helped me continue in this ridiculous dream. Cheers! You're very lovely people and I just hope I can repay you in some small way by DRAWING EVEN MORE NONSENSE!

Have a very lovely xmas & new year, I'll see you about with more plans and schemes and nonsense next year!



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