Once again I've teamed up with the lovely folks at the Steampunk Chronicle to send joyous (and not at all brutal) valentines-y greetings to the people you wish to inform of your dubious intentions:


In other news, hi again! It seems to be the way of things that January is a month I intend to do a thousand things and then it ends too soon. Foo. That said I've set the footing for some truly excellent stuff and we're slowly ironing out the running of the online-shop (apologies to anyone who had to wait a bit for orders in mid-January, we had a few plagues here at the Tower (and even a frog!) and as there's only really me and the lovely Cathy we got a bit back-logged) and of course February is the best month of the year (there may be some subjective bias here).

One thing I'm trying to figure out at the moment is how to optimise my time, notably my drawing-stuff time, so I've finally passed my share of the reins to the Leeds Steampunk Market to my co-conspirator Steve. Which incidentally leaves me more time to draw graphics for the LSM so weirdly there'll probably be more of that … anyway, the next one is the second weekend in March so if you're free that weekend and fancy seeing a hearty curation of steampunk awesome (and as ever the tea museum! hurray!) then potter along then!

Anyway, as February is here I'm warming up the stall-o-tron for what looks to be a solid month or two of events:

23rd-24th Feb – London Super Comic Con – http://www.londonsupercomicconvention.com/
1st-3rd March – Scifi Weekender – http://www.scifiweekender.com/
9th-10th March – Leeds Steampunk Market – http://www.leedssteampunkmarket.co.uk/
and then probably:
MCM birmingham
Steampunk Camber Sands

so, if you're about I'll see you guys then!


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