generally i fill this journal with semi-comic related bollocks, but today i think you would all be delighted to hear about the new policy they’ve introduced at my work.

In an effort to encourage us all to recycle, the management have decided to place a set of recycling bins on every floor of our building (hurrah you cry! recycling at a mere 40 yards and 3 sets of doors from my office! even a lazy bastard like me can now recycle!) ~and~ removed the bins from everyone’s office. all of them. Apparently i was emailed this, but i’m quietly confident i never received an email entitled “we’re taking your bin”.

Therefore, i now have no bin in my office. None. Pas de bin. Not even a cardboard box with the words “empty this yourself you lazy bastard” stamped on it. SO … every time i have a sandwich, every time i discard a page of erroneous calculation, every time i throw out this months copy of the in-house magazine, every time i discard a snot-ridden tissue … i’m apparently supposed to walk to the bin 40 yards away.

Bless ’em. Universities are apparently filled with some of the finest minds in the country and yet they’ve all failed to realise that the reason one employs cleaners at an office is so that the other workers spend more time working rather than doing the cleaning. fucking genius.

right. i’m off to nick a bin.

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