Comicpress you fools.

Just finished the auto-update process for wordpress and various plugins – a little glitchy but here’s the thing: it’s an auto-update. Ever since i lost a night’s sleep and went ahead with the change to wordpress and comicpress it’s been a like a tiny techy giddy dream! comics can be scheduled, upgrades are waved at me whenever they’re needed, a couple of hour’s noodling in the online directory typically yields a serviceable tool for anything from a calendar to SEO management. Leaving me free to draw more, or get distracted by shiny things. Either. Both. Whatever, it’s definitely a good thing.

A redone website owes its thanks to a number of people. Newt and Jim and Tim for helping work out what I needed and then telling me to use Comicpress. Tyler Martin for writing Comicpress. Jamie Smart and David Malki for using Comicpress and thus persuading me that i should just shut up and get on with it. Tyler Martin for the latest version of Comicpress which is slick and beautiful.

I think i’ve said enough.

oh no! i haven’t said enough! I lied! How incredibly bad of me (etc.). Anyway, yes, next Saturday, 4th July, is the Skin Two North Ball – which doubtless i’ll see some of you at because it really would be remiss of me to fail to attend a skin two ball in the city i call home (fingers-crossed Alex’s rubber attire will be with us) – but furthermore the indelible Ms. Orange has asked if I’d like to exhibit art at the after party! Anyway, yes, so for those of you attending the ball the extreme porn exhibition and the etchings exhibition and anything else i fancy should be adorning the walls of the Subculture! hey! how about i stuff the fetishman outfit! no.


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